Great Awakening Tour - West Palm Beach, Florida


Dec 5 -  12, 2008  @ 7 PM
With Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne
At International Tabernacle, West Palm Beach, Florida

(Tabernáculo Internacional)



Thousands have gathered each night for the Great Awakening Tour meetings.  

Hundreds have streamed forward each night to receive Jesus as Lord.  

The power and presence of God was very evident. 

People laughed, cried and fell in love with Jesus.  The hunger for God's presence was very evident. 




In most churches today, people begin to leave if the meeting is longer than 1 to 2 hours. 

But not so in these meetings.   Most nights, the meetings ended between 10:45pm and 11:30pm.


The testimonies each night were spectacular.

There were 895 people who attended the soul winning training sessions and went into the streets, businesses, and retirement homes to witness to whomever God led them to. 

In total, including the nightly altar calls, 31,611 people gave their lives to Christ.

These photo's speak a multitude of words. The two ladies are in the final days of their lives.  Many had never been invited to receive Jesus as Lord. 


Article by Gil Howard-Browne

For more information on Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne please visit Rodney Howard The River at Tampa Bay

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